Events and Updates

Please join the Tick IPM Working Group September 13 – 15, 2021 for the second annual Tick Academy! Participants will learn from and be able to ask questions of world-class tick experts. This virtual event is for researchers, educators, students, public health professionals, pest control professionals, public-space managers and citizen scientists interested in learning more about what they can do to stop the spread of ticks and tickborne diseases in their communities.

Topics covered:

Tick management

Tickborne disease prevention

Recent discoveries of emerging pathogens

Public perceptions of risk

Diversity and identification of ticks

Vaccine developments


Alejandro Calixto, PhD, Director, New York State Integrated Pest Management Program

Bieneke Bron, PhD, DVM, Scientist, Wageningen University & Research

Bob Maurais, President, Mainely Ticks, Inc.

Bobbi Pritt, MD, MSc, FCAP, DTMH, Director, Clinical Parasitology Laboratory, Mayo Clinic

Jean Tsao, PhD, Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Jordan Mandli, PhD, MPH, Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison    

Kirby Stafford, PhD, Chief Scientist, State Entomologist, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Lorenza Beati, MD, PhD, Curator U.S. National Tick Collection, Georgia Southern University

Susan Paskewitz, PhD, Professor & Co-Director, Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Disease

Tammi Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Disease Ecology, Texas A&M University

Tom Mather, PhD, Professor & Director, University of Rhode Island Center for Vector-Borne Diseases

Xia Lee, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Disease

Click here to register.

Consider joining the Public Tick IPM Working Group! On the second Wednesday of every month, we host a presentation about ticks and integrated tick management. The next presentation will be by Sam Telford of Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and is titled, “Trying to get communities to reduce their risk for Lyme disease is like pulling teeth.” Click here to register for this FREE webinar that is scheduled to take place Wednesday, August 11th from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST. You can also dial in using your phone: 1 (562) 247-8422 access 726-964-960. 

A recording of the call will be available in the Meeting Minutes tab of this website. Email Leah McSherry at  if you would like to be notified of these monthly presentations and when recordings become available. 

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